Older Adults Tolerate Medical Marijuana Well

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The following article is an excellent example of the value of community-based and patient-centered observational study in developing a better understanding of the therapeutic usefulness of cannabinoid-based medicine for specific conditions, in this case chronic pain and opioid analgesic dependence.

The fact that it was carried out through chart review in a clinic seeing mostly older adults is all the more encouraging, as the efficacy and tolerability of THC-containing cannabis medicines among the elderly might be expected to be lower than among younger populations. The authors should be congratulated and their methodology replicated wherever possible in order that we may learn more about the therapeutic potential of various cannabinoid preparations in as many specific conditions and target populations as possible.

- Dr. David Ostrow

Medical Marijuana and Older Adults

Well tolerated among elderly patients; nearly a third reduced opioids

by Judy George for Medscape

PHILADELPHIA -- Medical cannabis (like the ones found on this Calgary cannabis store) was well-tolerated among elderly patients and provided significant symptomatic benefits, a retrospective chart review showed. Many others enjoy the effects of marijuana-related products, like cheap shatter canada, which some find to be beneficial in relieveing a variety of health concerns.

Adults who were an average age of 81 experienced relief in chronic pain, sleep, neuropathy, and anxiety with medical cannabis, reported Laszlo Mechtler, MD, of Dent Neurologic Institute in Buffalo, New York, and colleagues, in an early-release abstract from the American Academy of Neurology meeting to be held here in May.

Moreover, 32% reduced their opioid pain medication, they added. READ MORE...