Marijuana Mindfulness

Laundry, deadlines, soccer games, carpool, grocery shopping, bills, tickets, presentations. Just reading this list of daily responsibilities can elicit stress in just about anyone. With the link between stress and physical maladies becoming clearer, finding ways to integrate self care into our daily routine is not only a novel idea but it is beneficial to our longevity and quality of life.

Introducing meditation to your regular schedule is a simple way to allow yourself time to connect with your thoughts, your body, and center your focus; or for those of you who have been experiencing meditation as a self care modality may be interested in knowing how to deepen your practice through the addition of cannabis.

Meditation is a practice that is geared towards greater awareness, focus, increasing self love and being present in the moment while carrying that feeling of presence into all aspects of our life. Breathing is a core component of meditation and mindfulness practice, a slow and steady breath is ideal to achieve a level of serenity where those who practice can steady their thoughts and tune in to all elements (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.)

The addition of cannabis aids in releasing the practitioner from cloudy thoughts and allows the individual to alleviate inhibitions and relax into the experience through a sense of ease. Setting aside even 30 minutes a day for self care will have lasting effects into various facets of your life from your interpersonal relationships, to your work productivity, to your exercise routines and of course your general mental health. So perhaps the next time you’re feeling stressed out, find a space where you can concentrate, meditate, and add a cannabis infusion.